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emptyWe are celebrating 28 years in business. Our reputation has expanded through out Phoenix and the Southwest as one of the leading millwork firms in Arizona. We hope the quality and beauty of the doors you a viewing will entice you to visit our showroom. We will also provide references from as many customers as you request. We are very proud of the quality of our work we do.

Our HistoryOur Growth

emptyAnasazi Door has been in the same location since 1993 and has continued growth since that time. Trends in the market change - quality and performance do not. Anasazi has also moved into the commercial market with projects for Chase Bank, J. Crew, and Silverleaf Resort.

Our commitment is to our customers and their needs. We consider our customer's referral as our best compliment.

Celebrity DoorsBuilding Doors For The Stars

We would like to put the celebrity door images here







Celebrating 28 years of Design and Manufacturing

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